Naming Your Ideal Client

Today we’re breaking down your dream client’s demographics, psychographics, and consumption behavior (those words aren’t as complicated as they sound, we promise!)

While it’s essential to understand your brand, you must also understand the people you are trying to reach with it. When naming your ideal client, you’re going to get specific – so specific that you have to alienate people who aren’t a fit for your business.

I know that alienate is a scary word, but it’s better to weed out the people who aren’t “your people” now, rather than spending time, effort, and resources trying to reach people who aren’t interested.

Think of it as “quality over quantity.” We are going to zero in on quality prospects who have a higher chance of being converted into long-term clients. In order to name your ideal client, we will be examining demographics, psychographics and consumption behavior. To do this, you’ll answer some questions in each category to define your ideal client.

As you are answering the questions in each area, think about someone you previously worked with—that dream customer, the person you would work with again a million times. We want to identify what made them so special and try to find other people like that.

Now that you know why you need to name your ideal client, let’s get started with our questionnaire!


Demographics examine measurable data about your audience—such as age, education, nationality, religion, and ethnicity. Now, for some questions. Picture your ideal client…

  1. What is their age group?
  2. Are they male or female?
  3. What is their race/ethnicity?
  4. Where do they live? Does that affect their access to you?
  5. What is their marital/family status?
  6. What is their education level?
  7. What do they do for a living? How do they spend their money?
  8. Do their religious beliefs affect the way they view your business? How so?


Psychographics explore behavior, beliefs, feelings and values—such as personality traits, hobbies, style, likes/dislikes.

  1. What does your ideal client enjoy?
  2. What do they do with their spare time?
  3. What are their favorite TV shows, books, songs, podcasts, or websites?
  4. What is their political involvement? Do politics affect the way they view your business? How so?
  5. What do they consider when making a purchase?
  6. What do they value?
  7. What are they afraid of? What are they planning for the future?

Consumption Behavior   

Consumption Behavior delves into how people consume brands and content. Once you understand this, you can predict how your ideal client will interact with your content and strategize accordingly.

  1. Where do they spend their time online?
  2. What is their favorite social media platform?
  3. Do they follow any bloggers/influencers? If so, which ones?
  4. Where do they shop?
  5. What type of marketing content will they best connect with?
  6. Who do they take recommendations from? (aka, who do they trust?)

We hope that going through these questions gives you clarity on your ideal client. Once you’ve defined them, the next step is to tackle how you’ll attract them – and if you’re struggling, you know who to call! We’d be happy to help you customize your content to appeal to your ideal client.

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