Case Study

Root & Settle

Root & Settle is a luxury relocation company based in Miami. Realtors, Juliana Osprina and Mili Del Carpio, are passionate about not only finding their client’s a new home but to help root them into their new city. Juliana and Mili guide clients and their families as they decide where to settle based on their lifestyle. 

Services provided
  • Name Generation
  • Brand Identity
  • Collateral
BBN Branding by Nicole Laura Iz Brand Identity
BBN Branding by Nicole Laura Iz Mood Board
Name Generation

Refined, not Pretentious

When forming their new company, Juliana and Mili were stuck on what to name the business. We stepped in and took them through our name generation process. In selecting names, we wanted to make sure that it reflected Juliana and Mili’s warm personalities, their mission, and appealed to upscale professionals, as well as, companies who utilize relocation services for new employees.  

Taking inspiration from the phrases “settling down” and “putting down roots” often used to describe the phase of life where you buying a house, having a family, starting a job, etc. We felt like it was the perfect fit for what these ladies aim to do.

Brand Identity

Warm + Personal + Organic

The Root & Settle identity appeals to the modern professional who is lifestyle conscious, yet family-focused. They are looking to root themselves in their new city, but don’t know where to start. They appreciate quality service and a customer-focused experience.

Starting with color, we created a color palette that gives off a beachy feeling without playing into the stereotypical flashy Miami life. The type is clean with an ampersand whose ends mimics the root icon that plays off of the company name.


BBN Branding by Nicole Laura Iz Mood Board

Function Meets Beauty 

Root & Settle provides clients with materials to help them get more familiar with their neighborhood options. To help Juliana and Mili uplevel their customer experience, we created branded one-page PDFs that extend their identity and provide the needed information in an easy-to-read format.

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