Tired of spending all your time creating content? We’ve got the answer!

One area that many of our clients get frustrated with is content creation. You spend a bunch of time working on new, original content for EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL, to find out nobody’s reading. It’s a whole lot of work for little return, right?


So how can you work smarter, not harder? By repurposing your content!

Why Should You Repurpose Content?

We would love for our audience to read every blog post, double-tap on our Instagram photos, and feverishly check their inbox for our newsletter. But life moves quickly—we scroll aimlessly, avoid reading anything more than 140 characters, and unsubscribe as promptly as we signup. So why do we keep creating different content for each marketing channel?

By repurposing content, you can reach more people in less time so that you can get back to the revenue-generating tasks on your to-do list.

How to Start Repurposing Content

1. Identity your topic.

Look to your customer’s pain points or look at past content you’ve created to see what has been most popular.

 2. Identify where you want to distribute content.

You don’t have to be everywhere; research how your audience consumes content and where they are consuming it. Focus on those channels and platforms!

 3. Break down your content for each channel.

Let’s look at some of the channels available to you. 

Blog Post
This is perhaps the best place to start. A blog post allows you to get all of your thoughts out, which you can then piece out and use elsewhere. Other channels require brevity—nobody is going to read a social media caption that reads like a novel. Use your blog as an opportunity to educate your audience more thoroughly.

Social Media
Now that you have your blog post take some of the information and break it up into several posts. We like to look at things in 30-day blocks. You can create 2-3 social posts with snippets of content from one blog post and distribute them throughout the month. This extends your post’s shelf life and provides multiple opportunities for people to click back to your website and read more.

Let’s say tomorrow Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all went away—would you be able to connect with all of those followers? Probably not. A newsletter allows you to engage outside of social media, and best of all, YOU own your email list.

Need email addresses to add to your list? Try offering a freemium (which we’ll discuss more below) that requires an email to receive or directly ask your customers if you can add them to your list.

Next, decide on a cadence in which you will send out your newsletter. Once or twice a month is usually an excellent place to start. From there, gather content. Link that blog post and pull a couple of your best social posts—BAM! You have a newsletter.

Collecting email addresses may seem daunting, but a freemium (free PDF download) provides you an opportunity to give your audience something “free” while showcasing your expertise. Win-win. Take your blog post and see if there is an opportunity to modify it into a checklist or share a list of resources that enhances the information you already provided.

Studies show nothing in marketing is more engaging than video—these days, video is within all of our reaches. From Instagram Reels to TikTok, you can re-share your content in 30 seconds with just a few DIY phone clips and some words.

Ideally, content always connects back to a service or product. Reuse the copy you’ve already written to create an ad on Google or social media.

If you’re a podcaster, let your blog post serve as a topic of an upcoming episode. A lot of people are more willing to listen than read.

Other Ways to Repurpose Content

Try refreshing a piece of content after some time. It may still be good material, but things change. One of our most popular posts is “Five Tools I Use In My Business,” originally written in 2016 and updated in 2018. I guess it’s time to update it again!

Offer to be a guest blogger or podcast guest. By repurposing information you have already shared, you can get in front of an all-new audience that may be wider than your own. 

There are many ways to repurpose content that we haven’t even covered, but that’s ok. Our goal was to show you that you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel with every piece of content you create. Instead, look for opportunities to maximize what you’ve already have. Then sit back and enjoy the time and aggravation you’ve saved!

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

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