How to Create Saveable and Shareable Content on Instagram

Whoever said saves are the new likes was totally on point.


With Instagram now testing the removal of public likes, the rules of engagement (and the algorithm) have changed. Saves and shares have now come first to likes and comments, which means brands now have to put more focus on creating content that resonates with their audience enough to click that magic “save” button or share with others to stay relevant on the platform. So, where do you begin? Keep reading!

Whether your business provides a service(s), sells a product(s), or a little bit of both, the first step is to remember that Instagram, as with all digital marketing, is a tool to create leads, inquiries, and sales. So remember to create content that is in line with your brand voice, personality, and messaging so your audience knows what to expect if they choose to purchase from you.

The second step to creating saveable and shareable content is to really understand your audience. What are they looking to achieve by following you? What are their pain points? How can you help them from behind your screen?

Once you’ve answered those questions, you’re ready to start crafting. To help get you started, we’ve outlined types of posts and examples of each that we’ve found to be popular so you can start creating content that will truly resonate with your audience and keep them wanting more.


Tips are a great way to educate your audience with information or resources in a quick, snackable format. For example, our target audience includes potential clients and entrepreneurs as well as other marketing agencies, so our tips range from branding guidance (e.g. “Logo Variations You Need”) to resources that make life easier for other businesses (e.g. “”).


Whether you receive certain questions often or understand your audience enough to know what they might be struggling with, answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) will help address your audience’s pain points and add value either in the moment or down the road. For example, we understand that our audience is often overwhelmed by all the website platforms available to them, so we addressed potential clients and DIY-ers by guiding them through the different website platforms with our “How do I select the right website platform?” post.


Who doesn’t love checking something off of a list? Regardless of your industry, a simple checklist graphic can go a long way and is an easy post for audiences to save and come back to later. Checklists provide your audience with a tangible set of items to accomplish and empower them to take action . Our “Brand Assessment Checklist provides value to those who are just starting out and more established brands who might need to reevaluate a few things. Two birds with one stone!


“How to” videos and tutorials help to educate your audience on your products and show them in use. They are also a great way to utilize Instagram’s most popular feature – Reels! For product-based businesses, tutorials are also a useful sales tactic. For example, a clothing store could create “How to” videos about the different ways to style specific pieces they sell. Not only are you promoting your product(s) in the moment, but you’re also creating a valuable source of information customers can return to after they’ve purchased your product.

While these are different types of posts that we’ve found to be popular, a sure way to know what your audience wants to learn is to ask! This can be as simple as a post or story asking for their input. But if you’re still a little hesitant on how to create more value for your audience – let’s chat! Book your free social media consultation today.

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