Digital Marketing Best Practices

How often should I be posting?
What platforms should I be on?
What type of content should I be creating?
Do I even need a website?

The struggle is REAL!
So, we put together some digital marketing best practices to help guide your efforts.

 1. Pick a frequency and stick to it.

No matter what type of digital content you are creating, we recommend starting slow and increasing the frequency only when you can dedicate the time to produce quality content consistently or afford to bring in help. Digital content is an easy way to demonstrate your expertise and provide value to your audience. And while some may argue that you need to pump out content EVERY SINGLE DAY to increase your metrics, pick a cadence that you can keep up with. A less frequent schedule may allow you to create more meaningful content and lessen the likelihood of burnout.

 2. Check your analytics.

Not sure your digital marketing efforts are effective?

For Email Marketing:
Take a peek at your opt-in, open, and conversion rates to see how your campaign resonates with your audience. If stats are low, take a step back and examine your opt-in and emails. Try A/B testing subject lines for a higher open rate. Provide more compelling calls-to-action to drive clicks. Figure out what isn’t resonating!

For Your Website:
Install Google Analytics and Hotjar. See how the audience navigates your site. For example, are they making it to your contact or scheduling page? How long are they on the site before they leave? Examine your copy and buttons. Are you guiding people where they need to go to work with you?

For Social Media:
Are there types of content that do better than others? Check to see which posts get the most engagement, saves, and shares. If your posts aren’t generating significant stats, examine your content strategy. Are you targeting the right audience? Are you creating the type of content they want to see? Are you on the platforms they are on?

3. Repurpose content.

We are all for working smarter, not harder. Try recycling the information! If you create a lead generator for your email funnel, break the content into smaller pieces for social media and blog posts. Not only will you get the most out of your larger content piece, but it will also give your audience a taste of what they can expect when they opt-in. Be sure to use those posts (social and blog) to direct people to your sign-up form. Tip: When you’re ready to swap out your lead generator, don’t scrap it altogether. Instead, move it to a resources page, so you have evergreen content ready to go! 

Does all of this digital marketing talk make your head spin?

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