Case Study

Blumenfeld & Sweeny

Blumenfeld and Sweeny are Fort Worth-based attorneys who came together to bring clients the business law guidance they need without the hassle of hiring in-house counsel. They wanted a brand that stood out from the other firms in the area, while still reflecting their expertise in the field and remaining approachable to their clients.

Services provided
  • Brand Identity
  • Website
BBN Branding by Nicole Laura Iz Brand Identity
BBN Branding by Nicole Laura Iz Mood Board
Brand identity

Clean + Contemporary + Professional

Blumenfeld & Sweeny’s ideal clients are professionals who hold decision-making power at small to mid-size businesses in North Texas. Taking that into account, we created a logomark with a bold, modern monogram, paired it with a sophisticated color palette, and rounded it out with a masculine plaid pattern. The overall look is fresh, yet still classic so that they stand out from the competition, while not alienating their audience.


BBN Branding by Nicole Laura Iz Leaf Pattern
BBN Branding by Nicole Laura Iz Tag Mockup
BBN Branding by Nicole Laura Iz Website

Easy-to-Manage Website

Our goal is to pair each client with the website platform that works best for them and their business. For Blumenfeld & Sweeny, we created a simple Squarespace website to act as a calling card for their practice. Clients can easily find the basic information they need and our client can maintain the confidentiality legally required.


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