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Naming Your Business

Selecting a business name can be a complicated process. We’re sharing our tips on choosing a great name.  With so many businesses out there, coming up with an original business name seems impossible. Add to that a website domain, matching social media handles, and...

BBN Selecting A Business Name
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5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Today

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the acronym every business owner has heard, but doesn’t really understand.   One of the easiest ways to find information on anything is by searching Google or Bing. Both are search engines, which is where the “S-E” in “SEO” comes...

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How to Select a Website Platform

With all the website platforms out there, how do you choose? Well, we've  tested them all out, here's our two cents.Many clients come to us unsure which website platform they should build their site on. While we certainly have our favorites, today we want to share...

BBN Agency Website platforms
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Naming Your Ideal Client

Today we're breaking down your dream client's demographics, psychographics, and consumption behavior (those words aren't as complicated as they sound, we promise!) While it’s essential to understand your brand, you must also understand the people you are trying to...


Now What? Options for Maintaining Your Brand

How should your business tackle ongoing marketing efforts? Should you DIY, hire someone, or utilize an outside agency?  So, you’ve solidified your brand identity and you’ve worked with a designer to select colors, fonts, and a what? What happens when you...

Options for Maintaining Your Brand
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How To: Conquer Color Psychology

When it comes to color, there's much more than meets the eye. Colors are more than just hex codes and hues - they actually elicit an emotional and psychological response from viewers. You may have an interesting business concept or a good lookin' logo, but your...

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Pinterest: The New Google

Where should you be looking for branding inspiration?  Stop making life harder than it has to be and introduce Pinterest into your brand discovery process.  You’ve decided your brand needs a new look, and you’ve contacted a designer for what? What...


2019 Design Forecast

The times and trends are always changing - but we’re here to help you keep up (or even better, get ahead!)  As design styles evolve, so should your brand. Read on for 5 up-and-coming design trends to keep your branding looking fresh. 1. Minimal Type Simple is in!...

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