Is it time to uplevel my brand identity?

Shh...we’re going to let you in on a bit of a secret. When starting out, you do not need a professionally-made logo and brand identity.  Now, does that mean you will never need to invest in a brand identity? Absolutely not! So when is the right time to uplevel?...

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3 Ways to Elevate Your DIY Brand Identity

Looking to create a professional-looking brand identity on your own? Check out our list of tips on how to elevate your design and get it right from the get-go! Small business owners often start with a small budget. While we wholeheartedly believe a professional...

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Naming Your Business

Selecting a business name can be a complicated process. We’re sharing our tips on choosing a great name.  With so many businesses out there, coming up with an original business name seems impossible. Add to that a website domain, matching social media handles, and...

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5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Today

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the acronym every business owner has heard, but doesn’t really understand.   One of the easiest ways to find information on anything is by searching Google or Bing. Both are search engines, which is where the “S-E” in “SEO” comes...

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How to Select a Website Platform

With all the website platforms out there, how do you choose? Well, we've  tested them all out, here's our two cents.Many clients come to us unsure which website platform they should build their site on. While we certainly have our favorites, today we want to share...

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