5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Today

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the acronym every business owner has heard, but doesn’t really understand.  

One of the easiest ways to find information on anything is by searching Google or Bing. Both are search engines, which is where the “S-E” in “SEO” comes from. Search engines send little bots across the Internet searching for text and photos. They take the content they find and add it into their huge database of information and compartmentalize everything under a search term. Ideally, your business should be found under a handful of pertinent search terms based on your industry and location.

Example: Amy owns a bakery in Fort Worth, TX. She specializes in wedding cakes. Amy’s website should be found under the keyword Fort Worth Wedding Cakes. While Amy’s bakery is found under this search term, it’s on page 7 of Google’s search results, so nobody is finding her. Boo hiss!

Amy’s problem is one that we encounter with clients all of the time. To ensure that potential customers find you we want to share five simple things you can do right now to “optimize” (the “O” in SEO) your web presence to make you more “searchable.”

1. Pick 2-3 keywords that you want to be found under.

Make sure that you use one of these keywords in a heading (h1) on your home page and then incorporate the others in a subheading (h2) or the rest of your text. Search engines prioritize text found in h1 or h2 headings.

2. Craft unique titles and meta descriptions for each page.

Most website platforms have an SEO section where you can include a title and meta description that is displayed in the search results. This description should ideally include the keyword you selected in step 1, what the page is about, and bonus points if you can also include your service area. Be sure to make the descriptions on each page different, search engines frown upon duplicate content.

3. Make sure your images have an ALT tag.

ALT tags are multi-purpose—1) they help the visually impaired identify what’s in your image when using screen readers 2) they help search engines identify what’s in your image which allows the image to be categorized under search terms in Google Images and 3) they tell users what the image is if it doesn’t load on the page. The location of the ALT section varies based on your platform but is usually available when you upload an image. Check your platforms help section if you have trouble finding it.

4. Add new content to your site.

Search engine bots crawl your website all the time. If you give them more content to read through, they have more opportunities to index your site. Fresh content also provides your audience with opportunities to consistently interact with you, which means longer and more frequent site visits. The easiest way to add content is through a blog. Try blogging twice a month, to begin with, and increase that number as you are able.

5. Submit your site to Google & Bing

Google and Bing are more than likely already crawling your site, but it doesn’t hurt to submit your website to them. By submitting your site to Google you will also get email alerts if there are any errors on your site preventing Google from searching your site. 

There are a ton of other ways that you can optimize your website, but these five things are super easy to implement TODAY on ANY website platform. Good luck and may the search bots be on your side!

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