3 Ways to Elevate Your DIY Brand Identity

Looking to create a professional-looking brand identity on your own? Check out our list of tips on how to elevate your design and get it right from the get-go! Small business owners often start with a small budget. While we wholeheartedly believe a professional brand identity can help you elevate your business, we know that it doesn’t come cheap. Sometimes you have to make money before you can spend money. Enter DIY. But how do you avoid creating an identity that looks like a trainwreck? Keep reading! 1. Keep it Simple We have all heard of the KISS principle. Keep it simple, sweetheart (we like the nicer version). That principle rings true with brand identities as well. Clean type and straightforward icons can communicate more with less and often stand the test of time. Think of some of the most recognizable logo designs; Nike, Apple, Chanel—all simple, all iconic.Simple designs are also easier to apply to a variety of mediums. Want a logo that is legible on your website header, can be easily embroidered, and fit into a social media profile image. Keep it simple! 2. Keep it Consistent When it comes to developing a brand identity, consistency is fundamental to building brand awareness.Keep your fonts, colors, and visual elements consistent across all touchpoints to foster a sense of professionalism and trust. We suggest creating a style guide – a document that provides guidelines on how to maintain consistency across your visual brand. Our style guides typically include: suggested logo, (if you have more than one version of your logo), fonts that can be used—including sizing and letter spacing. 3. Keep it Clear Have you ever seen a company’s logo and wonder what in the world they do? Or felt like it was in direct opposition with their industry? A clear brand identity helps to accurately identify you and who you serve. If you’re a florist and your brand mark includes a dog, people are going to struggle to make the connection. You may like dogs and be able to draw a tangent between the two, but with only seconds to make an impression—will everyone else? Looking for more resources to improve your branding and marketing? Check out the rest of our blog and take your business to the next level!

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