3 Benefits to Outsourcing Your Social Media

With platforms changing constantly and new trends popping up all the time, social media can be a headache for business owners. 


Social media is a great addition to just about every digital marketing strategy. With its free entry and wide reach, you would be crazy not to take advantage of at least one platform. But as a business owner, it’s hard to find the time to create meaningful content, schedule it, and engage with followers. So how do you maintain a social media presence while doing everything else on your plate? Outsource!

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Social Media

1. More Time, Less Stress

Have you ever stressed over picking out the perfect photo and caption only to look at the clock and realize it took you two hours to create that one post?

Your time and sanity are valuable! Why waste them on something that isn’t creating revenue for your business? An outside social media team will craft content that resonates with your audience and execute it, while you work on other areas of your business. You get back all those hours in a day and your bulging blood veins can take a rest.

2. Expertise

Feel like a jack of all trades, but master of none? Stop Googling “how-to” videos and test-driving every platform out there to see what works. Let the experts handle it!

Social Media professionals know each platform inside and out. They can decide which one(s) are best for getting in front of your audience and increasing your brand awareness. 

They stay abreast of new trends and features to advise you on which to adopt and which to sit out. (Ahem, just forget about the “Buss it” challenge.)

Finally, they know how to to optimize content to help you reach your goals. Like knowing which hashtags are right for a particular post, what time of day it should go out, and what needs to change if posting it from one platform to another.

3. Strategy

If we had a dollar for every person who says they have a friend who runs a successful TikTok and can manage their business account… well, let’s just say we’d all be getting big raises

Building a brand and marketing your business requires strategy.

A strategic social media professional develops a multi-faceted content plan based on your audience, industry, competitors, and goals. They understand that while a sale may be the end-goal, it takes building the “like, know, trust” factor to lead your audience there. This type of strategist isn’t afraid to test and measure content to determine if it’s a fit, and make tweaks where necessary.

Ready to hand over the reigns to your social and focus on growing your business?

If you are ready to take your social media marketing to the next level, without the headache of managing it yourself, schedule a free consultation. We can discuss your needs and put together a custom plan that saves you time and stress a plan built on expertise and strategy.

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